Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Book of Life - Part 12

I'm going to make this quick. Wicked City...I ordered the deli platter but I can't get myself to pay a shiva call. This show was pretty much an abomination from the start and a classic case of network cable envy. Yesterday I wrote about SUPERGIRL and CBS' attempts to break out of its wheelhouse. ABC has had a lot of success recently, and historically, with family comedies (their secret sauce is smart kids by the way) and female-appeal soaps. Why they would put on such a misogynist piece of crap as Wicked City is beyond comprehension to me. Well it sort of isn't.

There is a lot about erosion in network television that is driven by forces beyond the ability of network execs to stop. That doesn't mean that they are not accountable for some of the erosion and networks who know who they are, and understand that they are broadcasters, have a better chance of succeeding. When they want to be what they are not they fail. ABC you're smarter than this. Stick to your knitting.

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