Thursday, November 3, 2016


Last week I got a call from Michael O'Connell over at The Hollywood Reporter. He told me how much he enjoyed my Twitter feed and said that they were putting together something on the possibility of a post-election Trump TV. He wondered if I would put together a prime time schedule for the platform.

Of course in the modern era a Trump TV channel would be some sort of digital streaming entity where schedules don't really matter but, be that as it may, I was asked to go old school and, to be honest, the fact that anyone is still interested in what I have to say, makes me feel needed.

I put together the schedule in the same way I did it for over 25 years: I drew a grid by hand and filled it in with a pencil or pen.

My goal was to create a schedule that would be entertaining and that had a logic and flow to it. Clearly it reflected my opinion of the man who would put his brand on such an endeavor (not high) and I tried to reflect what I believe is going on in that deranged mind of his

Surprisingly the folks over at The Hollywood Reporter printed it as is with no changes other than a few typos since I can't spell to save my ass.

Here is the link to the Hollywood Reporter article and I reprinted the schedule.

Let me know what you think.

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