Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Here are the MASKED 10 Jazz albums of 2017

Although there was a lot of sweet Jazz this year there was nothing that I would call great or transcendent. These are the ten that would catch my attention while I shuffled through the albums in my collection. The pleasant discover was Joao Barradas and it’s always great when Cecile McLorin Salvant blesses us with an album.

·      DAVID MURRAY & AKI TAKASE – Cherry-Sakura
·      CHARLES LLOYD NEW QUARTET – Passin’ Through
·      JOAO BARRADAS – Directions
·      HELENA ECKEMOFF QUINTET – In the Shadow of a Cloud
·      CECILE McLORIN SALVANT – Dreams and Daggers
·      SHERMAN IRBY & MOMENTUM – Cerulean Canvas
·      VICTOR GONCALVES – Victor Goncalves Quartet
·      JEN SHYU – Song of the Silver Geese
·      JOHN BEASLEY – MONK’estra, Vol.2
·      TROY ROBERTS – Tales & Tones

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