Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Book of Life - Part 10

I know it's a formality but I have to enter "People Are Talking".......Wait.....What....Oh right "Truth Be Told" into the Book of Life. It's a formality since the show has already been cut back but:

Hold on last night it jumped from a 0.6 in adults 18-49 last week to a 0.7 That's a 17% increase week-to-week. Did NBC make a mistake in cutting back the order?

Nah. The mistake NBC made was in not firing whatever moron actually thought that this could be a television show. I have to believe that NBC picked this up for reasons other than thinking that they had a hit on their hands. There are so many reasons why crap like this gets picked up to series. It never ends well but somebody got the money for their summer house or to pay their kids tuition at some private school. NBC hopes that when that person comes up with their next pitch (the one that might work) they remember that NBC wrote them a check. That's the way a lot of this crap gets on the air. Sometimes a development exec is looking for their next job. Sometimes an agent calls in a favor....because, really, NBC would pay a development exec to champion something like this?
There are noble failures. This is not one of them. 
End of rant.
Yisgadal v yiskadash bitches.

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