Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Book of Life - Part 9

OK this ones painful but......
To review, here are the possible entries for the Freshmen series:
BUY THE DELI PLATTER AND PAY A SHIVA CALL (stick a fork in it, it's done)
WILL CELEBRATE THEIR B'NAI MITZVAH (will get to 13 on the air)
SET A PLACE AT THE SEDER TABLE (should finish full the season)
SEE YOU AT NEXT YEAR'S KOL NIDRE SERVICE (there's a second season)

So we now come to CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND. When I screened the pilot I had no idea what to expect and within ten minutes or so I was in WTF mode. But hey this was the CW which gave us one of the best shows on network television....all television...actually in JANE THE VIRGIN so I trusted them and respected that Pedowitz et al knew what to do with this very different, and in some ways off-putting, show. Pairing it up with JTV also sort of made sense although putting it in the 8PM slot as a leadin to JTV was risky (scheduling still matters gang) given that, last season JANE had THE ORIGINALS in front of it.

Well it was down to a 0.2 in the 18-49 demo for its crucial Week Three and JTV was a 0.3 last night. Given that CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND is a gimmick and with a lead who sort of gets more unlikeable with every episode and there's no real adversary here, I just don't know how this show can go on with any potential for growth. I know the CW ordered more scripts but are they willing to bring down a wonderful under watched show to keep this on the air or, at the very least, keep it in this time slot? I don't know what the CW has to replace CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND in the short run but my masked gut tells me


Sad. I really wanted this show to work but different does not necessarily translate into ratings.


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