Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Book of Life - -Part 3

ROSEWOOD had its third airing last night so it's fate is about to be sealed. Here are the four possibilities:

BUY THE DELI PLATTER AND PAY A SHIVA CALL (stick a fork in it, it's done)
WILL CELEBRATE THEIR B'NAI MITZVAH (will get to 13 on the air)
SET A PLACE AT THE SEDER TABLE (should finish full the season)
SEE YOU AT NEXT YEAR'S KOL NIDRE SERVICE (there's a second season)

I take a lot of joy in the relative success of ROSEWOOD. I can't be certain but, if I were to bet, this puppy had the lowest promotional priority of of the four new FOX Fall series. It's also cynical, in my opinion, to assume that it's success is a result of being tied to an EMPIRE lead-out because.....well you know. ROSEWOOD follows the tried and true "she's a / he's a" formula for a successful procedural. One is in law enforcement and the other has a super power (skill) and together they solve shit with a dollop of sexual tension. It's BONES, CASTLE, ELEMENTARY and, yes, it was SLEEPY HOLLOW until FOX wanted it to be something more because, you see, FOX has an institutional aversion to shows like ROSEWOOD. BONES overcame this aversion and has lasted 11 years. You need a few of these shows and ROSEWOOD fits the bill.
With BONES possibly ending its run this year ROSEWOOD could be a fine replacement. I would suggest the show buy tickets for next year's Kol Nidre service but A) I don't believe there is a place for it on the schedule right now once American Idol returns and B) My gut is FOX will wait to see what else it has before picking it up for another season.
I believe they will give ROSEWOOD a back nine (or some variation on that) and find a place for it (possibly with BONES) to see how it plays away from EMPIRE so.......



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